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The Covenant of the Goddess has been at the forefront of the fight to establish Wicca as a legitimate, legally-recognized religion in the United States. CoG members have testified in legal trials and advised government agencies, resulting in the legal protections we enjoy today.


The Covenant of the Goddess is an umbrella organization of cooperating autonomous Witchcraft covens and solitaries of all traditions, with the power to confer credentials on its qualified clergy. It fosters cooperation and mutual support among Witches.


Many of the Covenant’s activities are conducted at the regional level by Local Councils. There are 12 such Local Councils around the country, and Hills and Rivers  is  the newest Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess. Write coghillsandrivers@gmail.com for more information, or visit www.cog.org.














Hills and Rivers is a Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess. Consisting of CoG Covens and Solitaries, we function as a resource to promote better understanding of Wicca and Witchcraft through sharing of our beliefs and philosophies, and that of the Covenant of the Goddess.


We affirm:

To serve the Covenant as a spiritual, public, and educational resource through teaching, public rituals, community events, outreach, and public information.


To build bridges upon the common foundations we all share, believing that harmony and balance comes from acceptance and respect for all religious paths.


To give back to the community through service.

Hills and Rivers Local Council Board-2019-2020

First Officer: Jamie Dana

Membership Officer: Lauren Testa

Pursewarden: Faunina Del Bosco

Recorder: Faunina del Bosco

Public Information Officer: Lady Annabelle







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