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Hills & Rivers


2019 Lammas Fest

Our annual Meet and Greet

(open to the public)


July 27th at

Louise W. Moore Park

Northampton County, Pavilion 5

11am - 7pm







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Ivo Dominguez, Jr.  


The Future is Esoteric, Exoteric, and Secular


In the last several decades there has been a rapid increase in the size of the Pagan community and in its diversity of beliefs and practices. This is not the first time in Western history that there has been a resurgence of a focus on and interest in the mysteries, occult philosophy, and magic. In the past these waves have risen and then subsided. There are good reasons to believe that at this juncture in history that this wave will do more than simply subside. It is my position that we have crossed a critical threshold that will result in the Pagan community becoming a continuing feature within the context of broader cultures rather than being a transient movement. It is as if the seeds of certain ideas, cast into the winds and seas of history, have found their way to an island that is fertile of soil but barren of life. This island of unmet needs and longings for a world full of spirits and wonder is now growing green. With each generation, the land is filling with new life that is diversifying and evolving to fill every niche. The work of the next several decades is the cultivation of esoteric, exoteric, and secular approaches to paganism. It is my contention that unless all three of these expressions of Paganism are tended, we will subside. If these three are embraced, then will flourish.


Ivo Domínguez, Jr. has been active in Wicca and the Pagan community since 1978. He is an Elder of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan syncretic tradition, and is one of its founders. He is a part of the core group that started and manages the New Alexandrian Library. Ivo is the author of Keys To Perception, Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans, Casting Sacred Space, Spirit Speak, Beneath the Skins, and numerous shorter works. Ivo is also a professional astrologer who has studied astrology since 1980 and has been offering consultations and readings since 1988. Ivo lives in Delaware in the woods of Seelie Court. www.ivodominguezjr.com

Ivo Dominguez photo - Lammas Fest 2019 Sara Mastros photo

Sara L. Mastros


The Orphic Hymns


The Orphic Hymns are a collection of 88 invocational praise poems from late antiquity. In this class, we'll discuss the nature and history of the hymns, talk about how to use them in magic, and then do a small gate opening ritual employing the hymn to Hekate.


Sara L. Mastros is the author of the Orphic Hymns Grimoire, translations and interpretations of ancient Greek invocation spells for modern magicians. You can order a book at www.OrphicHymns.com or read many of the translations online at Orphic Hymns Grimoire, by Sara Mastros. She also teaches Witchcraft, Greek and Near Eastern Mythology, Pythagorean Mysticism, Pan Mediterranean Folk Magic, and Practical Sorcery in Pittsburgh, online, and at festivals all over the East Coast. If you'd like to read more of her writing, visit her blog at http://mastroszealot.com or follow along with all her witchy shenanigans at https://www.facebook.com/mastroszealot/

Nemesis Sousa - cropped photo

J. Nemesis Sousa  


Stregoneria & the Cult of Diana


Stregoneria. La Religione Vecchia. These traditions of Sorcery and Witchcraft have survived and adapted wherever Sicilian and Italian immigrants carried them. With the best of intentions, some inheritors blended fragments with neopaganism (resulting in modern Stregheria). Others clung to ways closer to their ancestry.


Join J *Nemesis* Sousa of the Society of Diana as they introduce you to the core worldview, culture, and ethos of Stregoneria. Streghe and Maghi understand that the Old Religion proper is a nameless continuum. At its heart is animism, ancestral veneration, and the cult of the Holy Mother/Ineffable Mistress. Learn the link between ancient Heroes and Catholic Saints, and how old Gods survived hand in hand with the new. Rediscover the magic of hearth and home. Lastly, join the Society of Diana in a brief devotion honoring Diana as Queen of Witches and Sovereign of the Elves.


Nemesis is a priest/ess of the Goddess Diana, whom they serve through the initiatory framework of Sicilian Stregoneria and Continental European Witchcraft. Serving as co-head of the Society of Diana with Beth Ann Mastromarino, they have birthed its Wolfheart lineage. A published author, their areas of focus are Hellenistic theurgy, poetry, sacred dance, and the recovery of oracular trance within a Mediterranean rubric. They make their home in Massachusetts. O, and Nemesis is an afficinado of chai lattes. They are pretty much obsessed with them.

Clark & Kobel


Pagan musicians playing their own brand of Pagan- inspired brand of Contemporary Rock. Like and follow them on Facebook!



Lehigh Valley Pagan Chorus


Belly Dancers


Drum Circle

Black Dragon Creations

Blessings of You and Yours

Cutters Cove

Enchanted Meadows

Grove of the Ancient River

Into the Myst

Ivo Dominquez, Jr. Books

Mastros & Zealot

Society of Diana

The Golden Web

The Hierophant

Beth Ann Mastromarino


Exorcism and Ecstasy: The Ancient Traditions of the Tarantella.


Balla e Suona with Beth Ann Mastromarino, professional tamburello player and Priestess of Diana. She will take us on a quick journey through the history and living traditions of the Tarantella and Tammurriata, and their ancient origins, with a focus on the cults of Diana, Apollo, Cybele, and Dionysus.


Bring your drum to learn the 4/4 tammurriata rhythm which is still danced today during the feasts of La Madonna Nera in July and August (for Demeter and Diana respectively). Kick off your shoes to dance this chthonic rite which combines influences from parts of Southern Italy, Sicily, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Greece. After we drum up The Goddess, we’ll practice the steps of the Pizzica, a Dionysian Tarantella designed to help us free ourselves from our own tangled webs.


Beth Ann Mastromarino is one of the founders of Society of Diana, an organization dedicated to Italian-American magical praxis. This year she is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her initiation into Fili d’Oro, the circle she currently serves as Sacerdotessa. She is a professional percussionist, producer, and a published author who specializes in teaching workshops on Witchcraft in Italy, Tarantella-as-Exorcism, and peeling the proverbial varnish off of Saints to reveal the ancient Cult beneath. In her spare time she is pursuing her MFA and enjoying academia.

Lammas Fest 2019 - Beth Ann Mastromarino - photo w


11:00 Introduction and Opening Ritual

11:30 Lehigh Valley Pagan Chorus

12:00 Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

1:00 Sara Mastros

2:00 Belly Dancers/Drummers - Star City Tribal

3:00 Beth Ann Mastromarino

4:00 Nemesis Sousa

5:00 Corn Dolly Meditation and Closing Ritual

5:30-7pm Clark and Kobel